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The Code Bureau: Advanced Web Development & Design

The Code Bureau is a web development & design firm based in Lund, Sweden. Unlike most other web designers/developers, all our employees have a background in mathematics or computer science.

We make it our business to stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies. The applications we create are always state-of-the-art and built for the future. When you employ us, you wont need to update your products for years.

We cater a range of different services to our customers; always focusing on the development of code for the web. Our love for code and the new possibilities of the web enable us to do almost anything. Just ask.

The Code Bureau is a fairly new venture, and as such we are still building a portfolio of show cases. During this time we are offering our services at greatly reduced prices.

What We Do

Web Pages

Obviously we create websites. Essentially everything we create are web sites of varying complexity. However, we refer to web sites as our entry level products that mainly focus on presentation of information without excessive functionality.

Web Apps

Web apps are advanced web sites that emulate functionality usually found in native apps or programs.

Web apps have, unlike native apps, the benefit of running on all computers and devices. The users only need a browser to access its functionality.

Web Games

As the name suggests, web games are games made to run in a browser on any device.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We know code

    Most web designers or developers are artistically creative individuals. However, to create stable, reliable web sites and apps you need to know more than design. We are a collection of individuals that both truly love and know code, computers and the web.

  2. SEO

    Search Engine Optimization is probably the most important factor for a web sites success. It is also constantly changing, and your web sites need to be updated constantly to stay ahead of the competition.

    One of the most important factors for good SEO today is the speed of your website. Using a framework like WordPress will doom you to a slow web site with poor search engine performance. Our web sites are many, many times faster than those built with WordPress or similar.

  3. Future Proof

    The internet and web browsers have become infinately more advanced the last few years. Web sites are quickly becoming more like apps and the user experience can be greatly improved. Our love for code means we understand the trends, and can make decisions that ensure our products will be up to date for years to come. No WordPress or PHP here.


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